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About Us:

Business Consulting

Even though I am Canadian, you may wonder what I am doing here in New York. My consulting business does not have any borders.I am an original member of this continent, and in Canada we call ourselves First Nations peoples. Regardless of my background, I am here to help you out, just like I would help anyone out that needs it. I can be reached by email initially, then we can get together on a call or Zoom meeting if you like. In my years of helping people in business and in employment and training, I always heard of the Entrepreneurial spirit in everyone, because it meant freedom from a boss, it's hard work but it is worth all the sacrifices to wake up everyday and go to work for yourself and your family, that is why I am here, to help nurture and to learn from this experience as well. Every time I help someone, I learn from it and it helps me to help others even better. I understand that, but, I also understand the challenges and the failures, I've been there many times.My most recent experience was being a Chief in my little island community in Georgian Bay, Ontario during the COVID crisis. It was a real challenge for everyone around the world and many people lost their businesses during the shut-downs. I am very honoured to be in position to help businesses rebuild in the US and Canada. I am here to help, first to listen to your needs and provide you direction on the next steps with my connections, and then finally, show you to the money!

Other Ways I Can Help You

In my years of studying online stuff, I have practiced and learn many methods that include; building websites and videos for marketing. Building this stuff is easy, but getting traffic to them can be really hard. So, I learned SEO, Search Engine Optimization so these websites would show up on the first page of Google, the same with videos, there are many tricks to doing this effectively, but there are still some principles that are still used, like backlinks. Backlinks provide the authority for your website or video to move up in the ranks, and sometimes it does take time unless you are doing Local Marketing. You may already have a main website named after your business, so i would build a sub-website that would use the principles of Local Marketing and techniques that still work today. Let me give you an example, if you are a Plumber in New York City, I would create another site for you called "Best Plumber In New York City" and build it to all related keywords in plumbing and New York City, I would also use the boroughs of the city and smaller sections, like Long Island, or the Bronx etc in the structure. 
If you are not getting enough traffic to your website, I can do a quick analysis for you and let you know what you have to fix, this I can do for free. So, let me know if you want this, I have a link below and I would be glad to do this for you. 

I know you work hard as a business person and I would like to offer you a chance to take a free vacation on us. I have partnered withMarketing Boost

who has over 130 destinations for you. This is a great way for you to boost your business too, giving away free vacations to your customers, you can give away as many as you want. Just imagine how your customers would feel about that. To find out more about Marketing Boost, follow this link and sign up for the Trial period, I bought the annual subscription, they teach you a lot about how to use this effectively in your business. 

Please reach by email to me first and we will make arrangements to have a person to person call or Zoom meeting. 

If you are in a position to move forward and deal directly with our top Loan Brokers, please do so, I am here to guide you in those steps and I would be honored to talk to you in person. 

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