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Fundwise Capital

Helping Small Businesses To Get The Money They Need Anywhere In The USA.

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    Fundwise Has The Experts To Help Your Business

    • Fundwise can help you with Loans anywhere in the United States

    • Fundwise has developed a great business relationship with Lenders, Investors and Banks across the country

    • Fundwise can get you the money fast, faster than any other Loan Broker across the country

    How can Fundwise find money for my business so fast?

    Fundwise Capital’s process is the outcome of extensive bank analysis, friendly consultation and developing relationships. Our expert financial knowledge comes from our learned skill to analyze and contrast thousands of applications for clients and getting the money they needed.

    Why does it sound so easy to get money, is it legitimate?

    It may sound like this is too good to be true, but in reality, the outcome of our program isn’t fictitious. It’s just the simple operation of experience, a specialized understanding of this process and a great deal of hard work and having a great team working for you behind the scenes.

    Does my business have to be registered and be a specific entity type?

    While it is not mandatory to have an entity created, many banks are more willing to lend to an individual that has put forth the effort to create an LLC or a corporation. Another upside of creating an entity is the protection and legitimacy it gives your business and your own personal assets.

    What are the minimum requirements to obtain funding?

    Your credit score is the most influential aspect. You or your credit partner should at least have a credit score of 650 or above.

    What if my credit score doesn’t qualify?

    No problem! Many of our applicants bring on a credit partner with a 680+ credit score. A credit partner, for example, can be a business partner, friend, family member or investor, etc.

    How long does it take to get funding?

    Most funding companies in this industry take 45 to 90 days attempting to secure capital for their clients. Through Fundwise Capital’s streamlined process, funding can be obtained in 7 to 21 days.

    Behind The Scenes At Fundwise Capital

    Corey Price

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Corey Price is the Business Development behind Fundwise.

    Founded in 2013 and based in Provo, Utah, Fundwise Capital is an online lender that offers lines of credit and term loans to their clients. Unsecured lines of credit and credit cards from $15K up to $200K with 0% interest for the first 9-15 months with “competitive rates” after the introductory period.

    Henri Laupmaa

    Henri Laupmaa, co-founder & visionary. Henri is one of the leading brains behind Estonian sharing economy, having also laid the basis for various innovative initiatives in this field - such as Hooandja, Let's Do It!, Community Tools and Fundwise


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    Independent Testimonials

    Trust Pilot is an Independent platform for customer reviews

    I have had nothing short of an amazing experience with Fundwise. I was assigned to a gentleman named Kirk. He was incredibly helpful during the entire process. It can be a process of a lot of back and fourth or at least in my specific case it was. Kirk was patient with me as I was new to the entire lending process. I now have the funds that I needed and I am 4 weeks into my own business. Thanks Kirk and Fundwise for allowing me to fulfill my dream!!!

    Adam Young

    Response was fast. Mitch called to get the process started. Within days Isaac had the process going and was able to get us funding 2 days later. They were able to get us more funding than we were even looking for. As a start up they worked with our history and finances to get us the best options possible. The process was explained so that by the time we were funded we understood our payment terms and it was EASY! My absolute favorite part about what Fundwise did for us was that it will start to build our business credit which will allow us to start working away from using our personal credit to build our business. In a couple months they said that our payment history would be reevaluated to get us bigger credit lines, larger loans and lower rates. I so very much so look forward to how this process is going to help us grow for our expanding future. Thanks Isaac!

    Genuine Auto Repair

    Jackson and the entire team made me feel like I was a priority to them. One simple application online and I was soon speaking with Jackson. Within hours I had already received the funding I was seeking and it was already deposited into my account the next morning. Thanks team. Pleasure working with you.

    James Aydelott

    Jackson and the team at Fundwise make the process of acquiring funding seamless and painless. Exceeded my expectations on the amount of funding I was approved for as well as the time it took to accomplish it. This is truly the way to go for getting some extra moola to kickstart your projects or to learn a new skill. Thank you!

    Jason Blitz

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